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 Saudi Electricity Company pursues a strong relationship with its suppliers based on full cooperation and transparency in order to attain the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness. Saudi Electricity Company aims to work with suppliers who are able to provide the highest standards of quality and at the best competitive prices.

Through this website you will be able to do the registration process, which takes the first step of being an active vendor to Saudi Electricity Company and participating in other services available in the Vendor Portal page for suppliers.

Saudi Electricity Company wishes a new beginning and aims for stronger and reliable relationship with its suppliers.



SASO performs a prominent role at the regional, Arab and international levels, contributing and participating in the memberships of commissions and organizations related to standardization and quality.

1. International Organization for Standardization (ISO):
ISO was established in 1946. Its headquarter is in Geneva, Switzerland. SASO was elected to be a member in the Board of ISO for 4 terms: 1979 – 1981, 1983 – 1985, 2001 – 2002 and lastly 2012 – 2013. SASO also participates in ISO as an active member in 22 technical committees and sub-committees and in 3 technical committees of policy development committees, in addition to being an observer member in 137 technical committees.
2. International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML):
OIML was established in 1958 in Paris, France. It is an international organization that documents and provides everything related to legal metrology. SASO has been a member in this organization since 1991. SASO receives the organization’s issues, mails, studies and votes on its projects of recommendations. Also, SASO uses these recommendations as a main reference when preparing projects of Saudi standards. SASO also attends its meetings.
3. International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC):
IEC was established in 1906. Its headquarter is in Geneva, Switzerland. It is the organization that is responsible of preparing and issuing standards in the fields of electricity, electronics and their related technologies. SASO joined IEC as a member in 1998. SASO uses standards issued by the IEC as a main reference when preparing projects of Saudi standards. SASO also attends its meetings.
Image result for saudi arabian general investment authority hd logo   S. A. GENERAL INVESTMENT AUTHORITY (SAGIA)                          
The main objectives of the authority is to oversee investment affairs in the kingdom, including foreign investment. This includes, without limitation to the jurisdiction.